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HALO Versa 16 Dual-Burner Propane Outdoor Pizza Oven

HaloSKU: 810084240106
Fire up the Versa 16-inch pizza oven for a beautifully cooked, delicious pizza, ready in just a few minutes! The... Fire up the Versa 16-inch pizza oven for a beautifully cooked, delicious pizza, ready in just a few minutes! The HALO 16 inch pizza oven makes it easy to get a deep flavor, crispy crust, and chewy goodness. Whether it's in the backyard or at the campground, show off your skills in cooking the perfect pie with our outdoor pizza oven! 360deg ROTATING STONE The patented dual burner system and rotating cordierite stone on the HALO Versa 16 Pizza Oven work together to provide a consistent and hands-free cook that beats any restaurant pie. Our countertop pizza oven combines authenticity with convenience without sacrificing quality. Create pizzas that impress your friends and family with our propane 16 inch rotating pizza oven. DUAL BURNER SYSTEM When it comes to outdoor cooking, our pizza oven brings the most versatility and cutting-edge technology. With our patented dual burner system, you can get the best of both worlds of having an open flame for crisp toppings and an infrared burner under the stone for a true balance cook. 950F IN 12 MIN The days of receiving a cold pizza at your door after waiting an hour or more are over. Choose from low, medium, or high heat settings, reaching an ambient temperature of 950F Fahrenheit in 12 minutes, with the stone temperature at 650F to 750F degrees, and cook up to a 16" pizza in less than 5 minutes. Make top-notch pizza with all of your favorite toppings in your own backyard or while you're on the go with this outdoor pizza oven. HINGED LID DESIGN Along with pizza, you can cook all your favorite outdoor foods by adjusting the heat control knob, including steak, chicken, vegetables, and even dessert. Keep your pizza oven effortlessly clean with the hinged access design, accessible by two silicone tabs on the side. The Versa 16 Pizza Oven is adaptable for usage with a standard 20 lb. LP gas tank, or a 1 lb. canister for maximum portability. View more

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